Earlier this month I had the privilege of photographing The Sound of Music as performed by the Cascade Christian High School theater group. Not surprisingly, it was fantastic. Maria, played by an 8th grader, absolutely beamed. She truly had (cliche approaching) a contagious smile. From the joy of her smile to her anger when she stormed across the stage to give the Captain the opportunity to rethink his last comment, her portrayal of Maria was very convincing.

The actor who played Captain George von Trapp, a senior, had an incredible range. His height (over 6') helped create his imposing disposition. From angry, yelling at everyone in his path, to ultimately breaking down to show his softer side, he owned his role almost like it was a part of him.

The entire cast put all their effort into this final play of the year. It was top notch. This went beyond the stereotypical high school plays one often thinks about, and sometimes cringes about. The room was completely filled-- all three nights sold out.

I thoroughly enjoyed photographing the play. Sixth graders from the three elementary schools were invited to the cast rehearsal, so I worked around almost 200 students sitting in the audience. The live audience definitely added to the spark of the rehearsal, which radiated through the performers and into my photographs. Well done, troupe!

Cascade Christian High School Theatre Sound of Music Maria laughing
Cascade Christian High School Theatre Sound of Music children happy to see Maria
Cascade Christian High School Theatre Sound of Music Maria yelling at Captain