Headshots speak volumes about you. Good or bad, many decisions and sometimes conclusions, will be made based upon your headshot. Let's make sure it tells your audience who you are!

Sessions begin at $300. Unlimited outfit changes. Price per image, $40. Includes retouching.

Contact us (link at bottom) to discuss your next headshot session.

Why choose Rob Pleas Photography for your headshot?

Personalized attention:

We work with you the entire session to get the best shots out of you. You don't have to be a professional, seasoned model. We will be there to coach you throughout the entire session. We will suggest lighting styles that best coordinate with you. We work with you to find your best side. 


There is time to gather your thoughts. Time to ask questions. Time to relax. Our attention is on you therefore, no sessions are scheduled immediately after yours. Sessions are relaxed. You should not feel rushed to get out before the next appointment.

What is a session like?

Of course, we will meet you and take a moment or two to discuss the session and any outfits you brought. Then, at the start of the session, we will take a couple test shots which are reviewed immediately (you can see them too!) to ensure lighting is meeting your style requirements. At the end of the session, together, we will review the photos to determine which you would like to purchase. If you need help choosing, this is a great time to ask questions. Choosing a photo can be difficult. We are there to help with your decision. Please remember any photos not purchased will be deleted.

When you are ready to book your session or if you simply have a question or two, please click the Contact button below.

headshot business portrait of woman wearing glasses in green floral blouse with sheer arms
business headshot of woman in glasses wearing sun yellow shirt against white backdrop
black and white business headshot of jazz sax musician wearing black suit and royal purple shirt
Female massage therapist headshot from chiropractic clinic.  She's wearing Seahawks shirt.
Business headshot of female for employee directory
doctor receiving award headshot portrait
female lifestyle portrait headshot
fun female in seahawks shirt portrait
private elementary school teacher headshot outside in front of green bushes
dentist staff portrait in olympia
mature female headshot wearing black business casual, smiling and wearing glasses while standing in front of cabinets