I photographed a tiny house! A tiny house? Yes, an itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny house. I was asked to photograph a local remodeling business. Upon arriving I discovered he was venturing into the tiny house market. 

Those of you who may be unfamiliar with these types of homes may be interested to know that even though in varying designs they have been around for many years. In the Seattle area, they have quickly gained popularity with such an increase to our homeless crisis. The amount of luxury also varies, from very simple to very panache. The model I photographed was a company first and thus was fully decked out with every option one could imagine. Tile bathroom, expensive full-size stacking washer and dryer, a nice refrigerator and kitchen, just to name a few of the deluxe options. It was absolutely beautiful!

My job was to photograph it just like I would a home for a real estate agent so after my contact and I did some quick cleaning and simple staging, I set to work by photographing the lower office area and kitchen first, then climbing the ladder to the sleeping area. The designer added some nice touches with a pipe railing upstairs. Wall to wall carpeting added a warm coziness. 

One of the neat things about my camera is its ability to bring out detail. With the hardwood floors and tiled kitchen, it's exciting to have tools that can so readily show in a picture what I was seeing In real life. This was a really fun experience to have a chance to explore such a well built example of one a tiny home!