I'm sure you're already thinking, "Why?" Well, they eliminate so many distractions. Just think. You typically choose a white background. Well, let's change that to a solid color, but in this case, white. Background distractions eliminated! Then, we focus only on the area from your shoulders up. Well that eliminated all kinds of stress. No worry about matching shoes, socks, pants, etc. Now you are left with choosing a shirt that matches a white background. Easy! Then, you can spend more time selecting a shirt that compliments your personality. With a few lights and silly dialogue, we can begin zeroing in on who you are, with just the natural expressions of your beautiful face. And besides, where else can you wear flip-flops, shorts, and a dress shirt to a photo shoot (well, other than some of the weddings I recently photographed!).

Headshots are fun too! Especially if you like to talk, then a headshot is the perfect outlet! The more we converse, the more I get to know you, which allows me to say something that sparks an expression. An expression that may be funny, serious, joyful, etc. All by simple conversation. In fact, the more we talk, often the better the expressions because the environment becomes much more relaxed.

Headshots make you look better! Seriously, you will. I am educated and trained in the field of headshots. I have invested time and money for equipment most of which, is not inexpensive. Your selfie on your cell phone is fun and shows a casual you in a distorted way but is no match for a truly professional headshot. There actually are times when we all need a professional look, even for a social media outlet.

Today's headshots are way beyond passport photos or driver's license photos. They are fun, and provide an easy way to improve how you appear to others. If you run a business, a professional headshot can set you apart. Are you in real-estate? A professional headshot can show your clients how welcoming you are and how much you care about finding them the right home or office space. Online photos are all around us. Don't settle. Make yours stand out!