First birthdays are always fun. The family is so excited and there's often such a hustle and bustle of adults quickly moving from arranging the kitchen, prepping food, entertaining guests, and of course, passing the birthday boy around so everyone has a chance to love on him.

Of Sri Lanken descent, the parents ordered enough authentic food to fill their house-full of guests.

Sometimes, it was literally standing room only, but no one noticed. The guests were all full of smiles and laughter, making this a very fun photoshoot.

first birthday boy being held and smiling
first birthday mom, grandma, and sister holding salad in kitchen
first birthday grandma, sister, and friend sitting on couch together smiling

A very small example of the food served. I was allowed to try a little. It was fabulous!

first birthday sri lanka food on counter
first birthday sri lanka food in bowl

The birthday boy was full of smiles. He wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake smash, but with a little nudging from his dad, he figured it out. His parents (and the giant bear) were so happy to help him celebrate his special day.

first birthday parents with son behind cake
first birthday cake smash
first birthday boy smiling with giant Costco bear

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