Barbara and Al celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary late this past summer. For their party, they chose to celebrate at the Cliff House restaurant, in the Brown's Point area of Tacoma. The Cliff House overlooks Commencement Bay. My family often visits the waterfront on the other side of Commencement Bay, along Ruston Way, so I personally enjoyed seeing the area from the other side. The evening was warm and beautiful, so not only were several boats out enjoying the evening, but it was just plain fun to be out celebrating with a group of people at the restaurant.

Both Barbara and Al asked to keep their anniversary photos private, with the exception of the few shown below. They are not my first clients who requested to keep their photos private. I completely understand and am happy to oblige. Not everyone wants their portraits, or their guest portraits, all over the internet.

Their group was quite diverse and very interesting. From a couple who were professional painters of commercial art, to a fellow who worked in the fashion photography group at Nordstrom's, I enjoyed speaking with everyone I had the chance to meet. The food was, and how could it not be, amazing. The Cliff House staff were so kind. I highly recommend dining there, if you have the chance!

Thank you Barbara and Al! Congratulations!

50th wedding anniversary at the cliff house restaurant photo of gifts on the gift table
50th wedding anniversary photo of the champagne glasses at the cliff house restaurant
50th wedding anniversary photo of the cake at the cliff house restaurant