I had the privileged opportunity to photograph one of our local prestigious jazz saxophone players. He was in need of updated headshots for his marketing materials so after a brief conversation to discuss details, we agreed I would set up in his garage. After all, it turned out he was not too far from me.

A tall, imposing man on the outside, but break through that tough exterior and he is a kind, fun person to be with. But I bet few are privy to that secret. His height presented a few interesting challenges with the low ceiling of his garage, but with slight adjustments, we were able to produce several photos for his use. We shot three different outfits with and without the sax, though my favorite photo is the one shown of him in his suit with the darker background and heavier shadows. 

I worked many years in the music industry long ago so I especially enjoyed this opportunity to work with one of our locals who has made such a success in that environment.

For those interested in the more technical details of this headshot session, I used a Nikon D850 with a micro-Nikkor 105 mm lens, and my Broncolor Siros S lights.