Recently I had the privilege of photographing Jenn Pilotti. Based in Oregon, she is a seasoned personal trainer, yoga and movement instructor and educator currently working on her next book. Her bio is such an interesting read that I suggest you read it for more information about her background and skill-set.  

During a trip to a Tacoma I met with her to create the photographs she needed for her book. Originally, we planned on meeting at nearby Bradley Lake park but the classic Westcoast Washington weather forced us to use "plan B". The management at the Tacoma Holiday Inn were kind enough to let us use the gym. With a bit of rearranging of fitness equipment, we were good to go.

Most photography sessions are probably more fun for the photographer to describe than to read about, what with detail about setting up lights, how they are positioned, what camera was used, etc, so I won't write extensive details. The session lasted about two hours. We had a few onlookers too. I'm sure most guests (and management) aren't used to walking down the hall with the flash of a strobe lighting up the area, so it was fun to attract a little attention.  

When all was said and done, the room was restored to its original layout, and we are all off to our next adventures for the day. Jenn's book should be published later this summer. If you would like to learn more about her, please visit

Here is an example photo from her book. Though not yet published at the time of writing this blog, she said I could use the photo ahead of publishing. Thanks Jenn! Good luck with your book!

jenn pilotti demonstrating yoga position in tacoma holiday inn gym for her exercise and movement book