Enter a Heading

The swim team my son competes on hired Jason Lezak for a weekend clinic and I was asked to photograph the event. It was an amazing experience. Jason is a phenomenal speaker. In some ways, his speech reached me and I'm not even a swimmer. There are difficulties and stepping stones of Jason's early career that match almost exactly what my son has been going through. In some ways, he could have been speaking directly to my son.

For the first part of the event, I photographed with the kids with Jason. One of the gals was so excited she was giggling all over and kind of blushing. Jason gave her a big hug and posed for the photo. After the photos, he got into the pool with all the kids to work with them as a group and individually, as time allowed. Watching him dive was amazing. So smooth, so effortless, and so far out from the block!

If you are unfamiliar with Jason, he is most adorned for his win in the 400m at the 2008 Olympics, beating French swimmer Alain Bernard, who was leading by about a body length on the last leg. This link will give you a much more detailed look at Jason's accomplishments, which are quite impressive.

Jason was even willing to pose with my daughter, so I am featuring here in the photo. For many who attended, it was a defining moment. Being in the pool with an Olympian. What an experience!

My daughter at UPAC in University Place, WA with Olympic swimmer Jason Lezak