Imagine. After eight hours on a plane, you landed two hours ago. Your luggage was whisked away by your crew while you were driven to the hotel to change. And now, 45 minutes before the show starts, you have arrived on set for your soundcheck. The stage is still in the process of being setup, with boxes, cords, and stage crew, everywhere, frantically trying to finish in time. This is the premise of our make-believe performance.

I'm tired, I've been on a plane for eight hours, and you wanted me here at 7. It's 7:30. What do you mean the mic isn't working? Yes, frustration can set in quickly!

Well, okay, that was funny. I can't believe you said that. Whew. Our performer is relaxing a little. There's the smile we love. Yes, boxes are still being unpacked but things are progressing smoothly now.

There we go. Now she's warming up. It's just you and your voice. The boxes on set look cool, by the way.

Soundcheck went well, you sounded great! That smile kind of says it all. Great job, now head backstage for a few minutes before you come out to a full house.