We were driving home from Twisp one afternoon when out of the corner of my eye I saw a very agitated deer in amongst the herd. There were easily 20 deer on the hillside but the one in particular was stomping at one of the giant sagebrushes. Seeing that, I pulled off the highway. It didn't take but a glance to see a bobcat, minding his own business, sitting peacefully under the bush. (Look closely in the first picture!)

Well, the deer certainly wasn't happy about the cat. I tried getting a few shots out through the open window of the vehicle but with three kids in the back giggling and making noise, I decided to step out. I actually had time to attach a tripod as the cat slowly crawled out from the bush to walk up the hill. I was surprised it was so casual. It had very little interest in the deer. 

Seizing upon the opportunity, I crossed the highway and hustled up the hill to follow it. I took shots of it here and there but the featured photo is the one where stopped at the top of the hill, looked back at me, then disappeared on the other side. By the time I caught up to where it looked at me, it was long gone. In reality, it was probably 10 ft in front of me but likely blended in so well I would never have found it. :-) I also felt that I had overstayed my welcome and that it was not to my benefit or the cat's to continue following it. 

Thus far, this is the last I knowingly have been this close to a bobcat. I have seen a couple from a distance since then and will continue my quest to find more.