I could tell by the mischievous glint in Mette’s eyes that something was about to happen. She handed me a decorative bag, said it was my Christmas present, and to open it. I thought I would play along. I told her it was not Christmas so it was not time to open gifts. Insisting I open it, we went back and forth a few times but I reached in the bag and pulled out a pen. 

The pen was green with two big beady eyes and the word "Snail" written across it's body. She picked this out for me at the school's Christmas store but could not wait for me to open it. 

Because we were beginning to pack to leave for Christmas break, Snail was set in different places around the house. I had an idea. What if I moved a snail around purposely, to see if anyone would see it? So I began putting the pen in different places, then photographing it. The kids loved it. 

Once we were out of town, Snail went into my camera bag so that anywhere we went (driving, skiing, sledding, or snowshoeing) we could stop to take pictures of snail peeking around stumps or tree branches or wherever we thought would be fun. By the end of the two weeks, Snail had racked up quite a number of miles and been photographed in quite a number of places. 

I had forgotten that I left Snail in the Christmas tree so there were several family photos in front of the tree where if you look carefully, you can see these big beady green eyes looking out at you. And now let me introduce you to "Adventures with Snail!"

Abandoned Snail

Well, actually Snail is investigating an abandoned foundation from a house that burned many, many years ago. Somehow he managed to shimmy up the wall to the window frame. I hope he's paying attention. Those nails are rusty and sharp!

Peek-a-Boo Snail

By golly Snail appears everywhere. Can you find him?

Fearless Snail

Yeah, no way am I sticking my head into the hole in a tree stump, but that didn't deter snail! He was having a ball exploring the snow, the stump, and whatever could be inside!

Snail in Tree!

Sneaking around, the Christmas Tree.... We often hide something in the tree to find. It's kind of a family tradition. Snail wanted in on the fun!

Sing-a-long Snail

I just knew it. Snail likes to sing. Here we caught him crashing the chorus party to sing with the carolers.

Woo Woo!

All abord as Conductor Snail peers through the trestle dangerously close to the oncoming switcher. Mom always said, "don't play near the tracks!"

Nativity Snail

There's no telling where Snail will appear. As we were packing to leave for home, we found Snail hiding in the Nativity scene!