Erika and Kevin were married at the Courthouse in Redmond, WA. I think they rank as the smiliest couple I have ever photographed! She couldn't stop beaming. The ceremony included smiling with each other, smiling with their guests, smiling with the judge, and smiling with me. Ericka even smiled at the broom when she placed it on the floor. Jumping the broom is a neat tradition. I found a very nice article here on Bride's magazine, if you would like to learn more about it. Erika and Kevin were such fun to work with. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Bride and groom giggling and smiling at each other at Redmond Courthouse in Redmond, WA
Bride and groom jumping over broom at Redmond Courthouse in Redmond, WA
Bride and groom Bride and groom in front of desks at Redmond Courthouse in Redmond, WA with maid-of-honor and groomsman

During our prewedding emails, Erika mentioned photos around the field next to the courthouse. Upon arrival for her wedding, we were a little surprised to discover multiple events going on at the field. Soccer games with occasional people wandering around were expected. It was the event with all the tents, music, attendees, and cars everywhere. Heh, that was a surprise. No matter. Even with very limited time for any kind of formal, it was a beautiful sunny day that we had to take advantage of!

Erika's reception was held in Bellevue at the Fogo de Chao. She reserved a huge table, and was kind enough to include me in the group. Normally when shooting tableside photos, I walk up to the table, gather everyone's attention, shoot a few shots, then move to the next table. Sitting at the main table with guests and bride and groom created a much more personal atmosphere, providing all kinds of photographic opportunities that provided a much more intimate look into their celebration.