Laura and Kurt were married early Spring at the Tacoma Environmental Services Building, commonly referred to as the ESB, next to the Chambers Bay Gold Course. If you like, you can find more information about the ESB from The Knot or the Pierce County website. My family and I frequently travel to the public park below the ESB and next to the golf course, so I am quite familiar with the area. The ESB, high on the hill, offers beautiful views of Puget Sound. There are numerous areas around the building that are perfect for bride and groom formals.

Their special day started with typical early-Spring Washington weather, varying from hard rain to mist, but no one minded. There were only a handful of times when we waited briefly for the weather to change and during its worst, we had plenty of covered areas to work under. Laura and Kurt both glowed, making the weather almost completely unnoticeable.

Outside the building is a really neat covered area with cool pillars. It provided a great place for several of the formals.

Bride and Groom formal holding hands leaning against pillars at Tacoma Environmental Services Building near Chambers Bay

Just past the covered area is the lawn, with the overlook. Note the fence in the background. You can't get much past it as it protects everyone from the cliff on the other side! Out here, once we all squished through the muddy grass, our bride and groom attempted their "first kiss," but the bride started giggling. And giggling. :) Then, her bridesmaid began sassing and teasing her, and it was all over. Here's a little of the sequence.

Bride and Groom attempting first kiss  but giggling, at Tacoma Environmental Services Building
Bride and Groom formal laughing, groom sticking out tongue at Tacoma Environmental Services Building
Bride and Groom formal in each other's arms, facing the camera, at Tacoma Environmental Services Building

Laura and Kurt, it was my pleasure photographing your wedding. Such a beautiful day with such a wonderful crowd to work with!