Quite the commotion at Fairmount Olympic Hotel downtown Seattle. Guests relaxing at lobby tables with their newspapers or nearby patrons in a quiet mull, were shocked to see doors fling open as a man dressed in fine linens scurried up the stairs until his attackers cornered him. Swords were drawn and a ferocious battle ensued! Guests left no chair upright as they ran to get out of the way. The floor was a sea of coffee cups and newspapers. Just when it appeared the lone man was about to leap over the stair railing to his freedom, a second group entered the scene.

Fairmount Olympic Hotel Wedding sword fight on stairs between groom and groomsmen

More impressive than the first, this group, daggers drawn, blocked all means of escape. Soon, it was apparent the lone man was the groom. His dagger-wielding bride led the troupe of bridesmaids to round up him and his groomsmen for the impending wedding. Honorable Judge Mckenna Ret. officiated the vows.

Afterwards, the ceremony led to vows, food, wine, and great fun.

Fairmount Olympic Hotel Wedding ceremony with bridesmaids wearing beautiful red dresses.  Bride and groom hugging

As all was ending well, swords were placed on chairs but the daggers... Those were never seen again. My guess? Always check the bouquets!

Fairmount Olympic Hotel Wedding sword on chair worn by groomsman