I thoroughly enjoyed my time photographing a local restaurant recently. I was mainly shooting food for the new menu, but included a few shots of the server and establishment. As is often the case, there's a short amount of time to set up, dial in the camera and light settings, then prepare for the food. Once the food arrives, there is very little time for adjustment. For each plate, I had time for about two shots before the the next dish was placed in front of me. Once finished, the plate was set on a very long table, to create the look of a Thanksgiving feast. A bit of misunderstanding occurred as some of the staff thought the food on the large table was available to eat. Fortunately, they were "shooed" away by the owner just in time, so I could photograph it.

Food photography for menus is pretty high energy and really fun. And sometimes, a dish or two is sent home with the photographer! Below are a few of the photos. In this case, the owner took most of the creative control as he had specific design elements he wanted. My job was to help him bring his vision to reality.


Great food and service! They are such a friendly bunch at the restaurant!

One of the amazing desserts available.

The two "sauce eyes" and rice "beak" made me laugh a little.

Another amazing dessert!